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Search Engine Placement Services
Having a Web site to promote your services is a good idea. Having a Web site that can be found in the search engines is an even better idea. Let our Search Engine Optimization specialists get you to the top of the major search engines to drive targeted traffic to your site. This an exclusive program and will only be offered to 5 Agents from every city.


Real Estate Search Engine Placement Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of making a Web site compatible with search engines by implementing ethical optimization tactics. The end goal is is increased website traffic and overall improved search engine positioning. In simple terms, search engine optimization is making Web sites search engine friendly. A properly optimized site will draw targeted traffic to your Web site.

Our optimization services include:


Search Engine Registration

After your site is optimized, we will register it in the top search engines. Humans use only 7 search engines to do their Web searches, not thousands. Those search engines are where you want your site to be because that's where your potential clients will be searching.

1. Google: 57.7%
2. Yahoo: 17.9%
3. Microsoft: 12.0%
4. AOL 4.5%
5. Ask 2.7%

Search Engine Land

As part of your service, you'll also be submitted to the free directories and search engines. This is important because they provide a link back to your Website. Backlinks can help your Website search engine ranking tremendously.



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